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18" Deluxe Floor & Wall Brush

18" Deluxe Floor & Wall Brush

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Product Description
Pool maintenance can take the fun out of having a pool. On average, pool owners admit to doing 2 to 4 hours of maintenance every week to keep their pool in working order. Maintaining water clarity, ensuring the surfaces of your pool walls are clear, and adding chemicals to your pool to keep water safe are just a few of the tasks that pool owners undertake. A swimming pool brush is an important part of your pool maintenance arsenal. 

Pool wall brushes come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a large pool, you probably want a durable, extendable handle for your swimming pool wall brush. However, if you have a smaller pool, the length of the pole on your swimming pool brush isn’t as important.

  • Deluxe wall brushes are versatile and can be used on concrete, fiberglass, or liner pools.
  • Deluxe wall brushes also feature thicker, heavier bristles for more cleaning power.
  • Also, deluxe wall brushes often have curved ends for easier cleaning around corners.