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3 Tips to Create and Maintain a Clear Pool

Posted by The Giant on 8/12/2014 to News

Pool season is upon us and while everyone enjoys a nice dip on a hot summer day, the fun can be extinguished by mucky, dirty water. It can sometimes feel like a chore to maintain your pool, but doing so will guarantee you clean, fresh water to enjoy all through the summer. We’ve got some simple tips to help you keep your pool water in tiptop shape throughout the season.

Top 3 Tips for Clean Pool Water

There are many things you can do to keep your pool water clean, including daily skimming and running the filter 24 hours a day. Here are our top three tips to create and maintain clear pool water:

  • Shock the pool weekly

    To shock the pool means to add a super-chlorinating compound to the water to kill off bacteria and algae. An exceptionally dirty pool may require several pounds of shock treatment before it begins to clear, but most pools will do well with 3 or 4 pounds of shock per 10,000 gallons of pool water. Check your pool the next morning and if you notice any lingering residue, add another 3 or 4 pounds daily until the desired cleanliness is obtained. You cannot over-shock your pool, so the more you add, the cleaner your water will be.

  • Regularly check chemical levels

    Test your pool water at least twice each week to ensure you have the proper chemical balance. Easy-to-use testing kits are available through Pool & Spa Giant and will help you ensure that your pool water is retaining its proper pH levels.

  • Clean filters, skimmer basket, and any debris on a weekly basis

    Deep cleaning the pool water of all debris is one of the most effective ways to keep it clean. Skimming the bottom will initially kick-up dirt and debris but that is actually what you want - the more you stir up, the more you can clean out. Be sure to clean your filters and skimmer baskets weekly to avoid reintroducing filtered out debris into the water.

  • Following these tips will help you keep your pool in the best shape it can be all season long. A clean pool makes for happy summer fun! Visit Pool & Spa Giant today for all of your pool cleaning needs!

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