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AquaChek Blue Test Strips (Biguanides)

AquaChek Blue Test Strips (Biguanides)

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Product Description

AquaChek Blue Biguanide Test Strips test biguanide, total alkalinity and pH of your pool. These strips are for use in pools that use biguanide rather than chlorine as a sanitizer. Customers who use Baquacil, Soft Swim, Revacil and Silk prefer this product to test their pools.

Ideal or customers who use biguanide as a sanitizer in their pool or spa. Biguanide is a chlorine-free swimming pool sanitizer. For a clean and healthy pool, test the water at each end of pool a minimum of twice a week.

  • 25 Test Strips Per Pack
  • Tests Biguanide, Total Alkalinity and pH
  • For Biguanide Pools