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FROG® @ease SmartChlor™ Cartridge 3 Pack

FROG® @ease SmartChlor™ Cartridge 3 Pack

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Product Description
The GIANT is proud to introduce you to the Frog @ease automatic hot tub water care system.

Self-regulating!!!  All you have to do is shock just once a month!!!

For use with the @ease™ Floating Sanitizing System. The unique SmartChlor™ Technology slowly releases over 3-4 weeks. When the system flips over it is time to replace the SmartChlor Cartridge. @ease Cartridges are only available in a 3 pack carton. 

Introducing the innovation of SmartChlor Technology – the self-regulating chlorine that works together with FROG minerals in the easy to use @ease Floating System.  Enjoy the benefits ofFresh Mineral Water® that’s cleaner, clearer, softer and easier to take care of with the unique properties of SmartChlor Technology that uses up to 75% less chlorine* and greatly reduces hot tub maintenance like shocking.

Check out the benefits:

  • Kills bacteria with up to 75% less chlorine* than ordinary systems.
  • Shock just once a month.
  • SmartChlor cartridge lasts up to 4 weeks depending on hot tub usage. Recyclable when empty.
  • The Mineral Cartridge lasts 4 months or whenever you drain your hot tub.
  • No faded swimwear. No chlorine smell.
  • No Mess. No Guess. No Stress. No daily or weekly maintenance. Creates Fresh Mineral Water® for hot tubs up to 600 gallons.
  • The SmartChlor cartridge flips when it's time to change.

Here's how it works:

The @ease System combines the proven FROG mineral formula for killing bacteria with SmartChlor Technology that maintains a consistently low chlorine level for weeks.

Unlike normal chlorine that is used up when you get in, SmartChlor continues to maintain the same level which is up to 75% less than hot tubs using Dichlor (standard hot tub chlorine). That’s why we call it self-regulating.  It goes to work when the hot tub needs sanitizing so there is no frustrating yo-yo chlorine levels.  This time-released method is also why less shock is needed to maintain the hot tub.

When the SmartChlor Cartridge is depleted the system will flip over as a visual reminder to replace the empty cartridge with a new one. 

Here's a comparison:

@ease uses up to 75% less chlorine* than ordinary chlorine systems so the water feels softer with no bleached suits or smelly odors. No more shocking weekly or after every use. You only shock once a month.

Testing is also much easier with one color match for chlorine that tells you when to replace yourSmartChlor Cartridge.

Only @ease offers the benefits of Fresh Mineral Water and the innovation of SmartChlor™ Technology.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What is @ease™ ?

@ease is a brand of hot tub sanitizing systems that feature FROG minerals and FROG’s new break through Innovation – SmartChlor™ Technology. The result is Fresh Mineral Water™ that’s cleaner, clearer, and softer than standard hot tub treatments with SmartChlor Technology benefits of up to 75% less chlorine with no yo-yo chlorine levels, self-regulating for crystal clear water and far less work by only shocking once a month. 

What is Smartchlor Technology? 

It is a time released chlorine that knows when there is a demand on the hot tub and automatically delivers the sanitizing power to meet the demand. That’s why it’s Smart. It also maintains a consistent free chlorine level of only 0.5 -1.0 ppm for softer water, less odors and no bleaching suits or surfaces. Plus it only works with FROG minerals that create Fresh Mineral Water™ in you hot tub. 

Can you convert to @ease without draining the hot tub? 

Yes. If the tub was previously using dichlor, you simply place @ease in your hot tub. If previously using bromine, you need to drain and refill the tub before using @ease™ . 

Can @ease be removed from the hot tub while in use? 

Yes. Simply set on a surface not susceptible to bleaching and remember to replace it when you exit the tub.

Click HERE for @ease Floating System Manual

Click HERE for @ease Floating System Brochure

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