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Go Green with a Solar Pool Cover

Posted by The Giant on 7/25/2014 to News

Heating your pool can be costly, especially if you live in the northern states with cooler nights. Solar swimming pool covers are a great option that can help you save on operation costs in the long run and reduce your environmental footprint by utilizing a renewable energy source – the sun!

When you hear the term “solar cover”, you may envision a heavy blanket with shiny black solar panels on it. But, a solar swimming pool cover doesn’t actually use solar panels at all. Instead, a solar cover, also known as a solar blanket, is a large sheet of plastic that looks a lot like a giant piece of bubble wrap. A solar cover should be rolled out onto a pool whenever it is not in use to help reduce heating costs.

Traditional Covers Versus Solar Covers: What’s the Difference?

Solar swimming pool covers are different from standard swimming pool covers for a number of reasons. A traditional vinyl pool cover is typically opaque and flat, whereas a solar pool cover is usually light or dark blue with lots of little bubbles on the surface. While a traditional cover will help your pool retain its heat, it will not assist much in generating heat. The transparent material of the solar cover allows sunlight to pass through the cover and naturally warm the water. The bubbles help to reflect the sunlight into the water, amplifying the heating power.

Additionally, the bubbles create a strong barrier between the water surface and the air, reducing heat loss. Evaporation causes up to 75 percent of your pool’s heat loss, which can account for a painfully high heating bill if you don’t use a pool cover. With a solar swimming pool cover, you can reduce this heat loss significantly and potentially lower your heating costs by 70 percent.

Choosing a Solar Cover

Solar covers are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can have a number of different features. When choosing a solar cover, you will have the option to choose the mil, or the thickness of your cover. The higher the mil, the longer the cover will last and the more effective it will be at heating your pool. You can also choose between a regular or aluminized cover. An aluminized cover has a layer of shiny material on the bottom and tends to be a bit more durable than a non-aluminized cover. However, regular covers tend to be better at daytime heating because they allow more sunlight to pass through the material.

Solar covers typically last between 3-5 years, but will eventually begin to disintegrate due to the exposure to the sun and pool chemicals. You can extend the life of your cover by storing it in the shade when not in use. Additionally, if you have a large pool, you may find it convenient to invest in a pool cover reel to easily roll the cover onto the surface of your pool when you need it.

Get a Solar Cover for your Pool Today!

Pool & Spa Giant offers a variety of solar swimming pool covers to fit the size and shape of your pool. Browse our selection today and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at 844-334-4268 or!

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