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Sweet Pea Apple

Sweet Pea Apple

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Product Description

One of the GIANTS favorites!!

Arouse the physical senses with the fragrant tropical aroma of succulent Sweet Pea Apple.

Indulge yourself with this enlivening blend of sensual aromas with therapeutic benefits and moisturizing botanicals. Spazazz aroma therapy crystals set the mood, arouse emotion, and relax your state of mind. Feel the calm and natural release of aches and pains. Free the spirit with passion and emotion, as tension and stress melt away.

Spazazz is the Original Aromatherapy Spa Experience™ -- the all-natural spa & bath crystals with anti-inflammatory and stress reliever for the enhancement of innate self-healing capabilities.

  • A natural remedy for aches & pains
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Muscle relaxants for tension & stress
  • Enhancement of innate self-healing capabilities
  • 17oz container
Customer Reviews
Reviewed By: Brian Fontana
from News Center Four on 2/14/2014
"This stuff is like the Sex Panther. It's made with bits of real Panther so you know it's good. It's illegal in nine countries."