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The Hottest Pool Toys to Keep your Kids Cool this Summer

Posted by The Giant on 6/19/2014 to News

With the kids out of school for the summer, now is the perfect time to stock up on pool toys! Keep your kids entertained for hours with these fun, affordable toys and games for your pool.

Spaceship Water Squirter

Zoom around the pool in a spaceship inflatable this summer and squirt your friends with the built-in water gun! The 45” UFO Spaceship Water Squirter, is a fun float alternative to the classic inner tube. With this toy, staying dry is not an option. Whether your kids are taking down an army of imaginary aliens, or at war with their friends, the Spaceship Water Squirter will certainly keep them cool in the pool this summer.

The Water Wheel

Made of durable vinyl, the Water Wheel allows kids to roll across the pool in style. With multiple Water Wheels, kids can race each other or even play bumper wheels! This toy will entertain kids of all ages for hours and help to give them a break from the direct sunlight.

In-Ground Volleyball and Basketball Combo

Both kids and adults can have a blast with the In-Ground Volleyball and Basketball Combo. Grab a few friends and host a volleyball match that’s sure to keep everyone cool in the hot sun or shoot a few hoops without the worry of working up a sweat. Secured to Hardbody™ stands, the volleyball net and basketball hoop won’t budge during play. The combo includes two pool-safe balls and a guarantee for a good time.

Remote Control Submarine

With the Remote Control Submarine, your kids can become explorers right in your own backyard. This easy-to-control submarine can dip down to the unexplored depths of your pool and move horizontally across the pool as well. With a long-range transmitter, the submarine can be controlled across the length of an entire pool. Night-time exploration is also encouraged, as the submarine is equipped with a search light.

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